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spexor – the mobile alarm device

spexor can not only detect intrusions in countless places but also measures the air quality in the room. You can use spexor as a mobile alarm device or as an air quality monitor – anywhere you want. spexor only needs a connection to a Wi-Fi or mobile network to inform you in case of alarm or bad air.

spexor the mobile alarm device protects what is important to you

Small security device – big effect

The wireless security device, which is only 12 centimeters (4.7 inches) tall, scans the surrounding environment with its high-quality sensors. spexor detects an intrusion by evaluating a combination of several sensors such as air-pressure, noise or motion. It also measures air quality. If the sensors detect an irregularity in the monitored environment, spexor sends a message to your smartphone. The security alarm device works without cables or a router and its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 2-3 weeks in battery saving mode. These features allow you to use spexor flexibly in countless surveillance situations.


Small, handy, wireless, and equipped with its own eSIM card and powerful battery, you may simply pack up spexor and use it whenever you need it and wherever Wi-Fi or mobile phone reception is available.


If the sensors detect an irregularity, the alarm is triggered and you receive a message on your smartphone. This way you are informed quickly, and have the opportunity to take action.


spexor also protects your privacy. It does not have a camera and does not analyze or store voice data. If you turn off the surveillance, it is really off.


Equipped with the latest Bosch sensor technology the alarm device remains up to date thanks to regular updates and extensions (upgrades).


The alarm device comes with an integrated eSIM card and includes 12 months of EU-wide mobile phone connectivity. From the 2nd year on, this can be additionally booked for €11,99/year.