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spexor from Bosch:

A great idea for your security.

With spexor, we have developed the first portable all-in-one safety assistant of its kind.

Surprisingly small and easy to use. Incredibly versatile. And it can be used just about everywhere. With spexor, we’ve developed the first portable all-in-one security assistant of its kind. To give you a completely new feeling of security.

All-in-one. Your alarm for all cases.

From intrusion detection to air quality measurement and temperature alarm to the detection of hazardous gases – spexor combines a wide range of safety and security functions in one mobile device. All thanks to its globally unique sensor technology.

One device.
Infinite possibilities.

Whether at home, in the garden shed, mobile home or hotel room – you can easily use your mobile companion as a mobile security assistant anywhere.

Reliable and easy to use

PC Welt sums up our spexor:

Highlights at a glance.


Small, compact, wireless! Equipped with its own eSIM card and powerful battery, spexor can be used anywhere there is WLAN or cell phone reception.


Thanks to its free smartphone app, spexor is child’s play to set up and intuitive to use.


spexor contains state-of-the-art sensor technology from Bosch. Due to regular software updates and the integration of new functions, spexor just keeps getting better.


No camera, no microphone: spexor protects your privacy. Sensitive data is stored on Bosch servers in Germany according to the strictest data protection guidelines.


spexor comes with an integrated eSIM card and includes 12 months of EU-wide mobile phone network connectivity. From the 2nd year onward, this can be booked for €11.99/year.

Made in Germany

spexor is developed and produced in Germany to guarantee sustainable production methods and the Bosch quality promise.


Unique in all the world:
spexor and its technology.

Small, but wow! spexor houses the most advanced sensor technology to give you a unique feeling of security.

A perfect team: spexor and your smartphone.

One, two, done! With the accompanying free smartphone app you can quickly and easily activate spexor, set it up and configure it according to your needs.