Safe and secure.

Even when you’re not there.

Safety and freedom. Enjoy both.

Protect what’s important to you while keeping your flexibility and independence. Set spexor up at home or in the car, motor home, garage or garden shed. As soon as the sensors determine that the alarm should be triggered, spexor sends a warning to your smartphone. No matter where you are, spexor stays on guard for you. When you switch spexor on, you can relax.

Your home: Protected

Where to use spexor

Your home:protected

Safe and secure, even when you’re not there.

You’re traveling, but you don’t want to leave your home unattended. Just set up spexor in the center of a room or in the entrance area. spexor stays on guard when you’re not there. In the future, you’ll be able to connect several alarm devices and control them all simultaneously using your smartphone. This way, you know that at home every important area is especially secure.

Your cas:protected

Protect what you love.

spexor is easy to manage and does not require a permanent cable connection, so it can be positioned on a dashboard or the center arm rest. Once you have activated it with your smartphone, spexor notifies you as soon as something is amiss. Even if you already have an alarm system in your car, spexor is the perfect addition because its extremely perceptive sensors even register break-ins that permanently installed systems might miss.

Your camper:protected

The mobile solution for smart security.

You’re traveling in your camper, motor home or trailer. No matter where you are, spexor guards your home on the road when you are touring the city, sleeping, or enjoying the sun on the beach. It can connect to your smartphone using various mobile communication standards and warn you in case of danger. If you would also like to use the Bosch Emergency Assistant, you can also save local emergency contacts: the Bosch Emergency Assistant will be available in 32 languages to notify you in an emergency.

Garden & Garage: superwised

Intelligent break-in detection.

Wherever you are, your garage or garden shed is protected. spexor requires neither a permanent source of electricity nor Wi-Fi on site. Its sensors monitor pressure, noises, and movement. If several sensors detect a change, spexor notifies you on your smartphone. Then you make the decision: I will take care of it or use the optional Bosch Emergency Assistant or call the police.