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spexor from Bosch

Team spexor says Goodbye.

spexor is discontinuing the in-app purchases fire gas detection, pollen and outdoor air quality as well as the eSIM extension. The above in-app purchases can still be made up to and including 15.05.2024 and can be used without restriction for a full year until 30.06.2025. From 01.07.2025, the 2G support of the eSIM card, the provision of pollen and outdoor air quality data and the fire gas detection function will be discontinued. You can find more information in our FAQ.

In 2019, our small team in the big company started out with equally big ambitions and a vision: to bring a small helper with a big impact to the market. For more safety and freedom. Everywhere you need it. Just one year later, the vision became tangible reality: the first customers held spexor in their hands - a mobile security assistant that protects what's important to you so that you can enjoy a carefree everyday life.
From the beginning, we put all our knowledge, energy and passion into spexor in order to offer you a smart and technically sophisticated product. Especially valuable during this time was the exchange with you - be it on our social media channels, in our community or at trade fairs, where we were even able to meet many of you in person. Thanks to your feedback, we have been able to learn even more and have gained a deeper understanding of how we can make spexor even better.

Our eventful journey as a corporate start-up of the Bosch Group comes to an end at this point. We will stop selling our spexor product on March 31, 2023. The experience and knowledge we have gained over the past years will be incorporated elsewhere in the Bosch Group to further develop the product portfolio and the business.

Answers to possible questions regarding warranty, complaints, support etc. can be found in our FAQ.
We will gradually reduce the scope and content of our communication channels before closing them. We will no longer publish new content.
We sincerely thank you for the support and trust you have placed in us.

Your team spexor

To the FAQ

All-in-one. Your alarm for any situation.

From break-in detection and air quality measurement to temperature alarms and fire gas detection – spexor combines a multitude of security features in one portable device thanks to Bosch’s world-exclusive sensor technology.

Cost-free functions.

Places of use

Whether at home, in your shed, motorhome or even hotel room – your portable security assistant can be used just about anywhere.

  • House and apartment
    House and apartment
  • Huis en appartement
    Huis en appartement
  • Shed
  • Motorhome and caravan
    Motorhome and caravan
  • Vehicle
  • Hotel and vacation residence
    Hotel and vacation residence
  • Office

Easy operation, all in one app.



You can use the app to view the battery’s charging status and to configure or adjust spexor according to your needs. You can specify, for example, whether spexor should flash and emit an alarm sound when the alarm is triggered or send you a discreet notification.


You can easily activate or disable the break-in detection feature on the device itself or remotely via the app. You can also control other features from your smartphone including the temperature and air quality measurement, which you can keep a constant eye on using the app.


spexor triggers an alarm if it registers deviations in the monitored environment. No matter whether you’ve selected the acoustic or the visual alarm option, you’ll be alerted in the app and via a push notification on your smartphone (optional). You can now call the emergency services or disable the alarm directly from the app.

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