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About spexor

A small success story from a large corporation

grow office in germany
Tobias, co-founder

Our Idea

That’s how the idea for spexor sparked. Tobias, an engineer at Bosch, described the incident to his colleague Marko. And he had also come up with a solution to the problem. Bosch had developed many first-class sensors in recent years. Surely it had to be possible to use all these measuring instruments to design a mobile device that would warn of burglaries and other dangers. The spark jumped over to Marko immediately. From then on, they were both burning for the idea of developing a flexible alarm device. It didn’t take long for them to infect others with their inventive spirit.

Our path

Tobias and Marko researched and discussed tirelessly. They talked to as many as a hundred experts inside and outside Bosch. After a few months, they were sure: this works!

They pitched their idea to the grow platform, an internal startup incubator that develops new business areas for Bosch. The idea was convincing, and thus spexor was officially launched in Ludwigsburg on April 1, 2019. Only 17 months later, the first customer held her portable alarm device in her hands.

Our Team

In the meantime, we have grown into a seven-person agile team, supported by numerous working students, whom we do not want to miss out on.

Our Mission

Our mission is: more security and freedom. Wherever you need it. With our mobile security assistant, we want to protect what is important to you so that you can enjoy a carefree everyday life.

spexor is smart protection for everyone who wants to remain flexible, mobile and yet safe. A small helper with a big impact from a small team with big ambitions.