We have summarized the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find a suitable answer to your question, feel free to send us an email: support-spexor@bosch.com


How can I see if my alarm device is activated or deactivated?

You will receive a push notification when your spexor has been successfully activated or deactivated. Apart from that, you can check the status on the start screen of your app under “Surveillance Mode”.

It can take a long time until my alarm device is activated. Why is that?

To make spexor mobile, we have taken some measures to increase the runtime of its battery.

In mains operation (charging cable is connected to the power supply) spexor is notified every 2-3 minutes whether you have activated or deactivated it. This means that in mains operation it can take 2-3 minutes until spexor responds to the entries in the app.

In battery mode, spexor is notified every 15 minutes whether you have activated or deactivated it. This means that in battery mode it can take up to 15 minutes until spexor responds to the entries in the app.

The background is that every message from the backend requires battery life. Therefore, we have deliberately performed field tests for these times to keep them short, but not too short.

You can avoid this by deactivating the power save mode in your spexor app or by activating monitoring directly via PIN entry.

Why does my device update not start immediately?

Since spexor gets the update information from our server, it may take some time until the update actually starts visibly to you.

You should expect a delay of about 15 minutes if you want to start the update using spexor in battery power mode. If you connect spexor to the power, the update can be started with a delay of max. 5 minutes.

Our recommendation: Connect spexor to the power supply before you start the update.

Update via Wi-Fi does not work. Do I have another possibility?

If Wi-Fi does not work or is not available, you another option:

  • Turn off the alarm device for at least 1 hour by pressing the button
  • Open the app while spexor is switched off
  • Start the update in the app while spexor is still switched off
  • A pop-up should appear now that allows you to update via Bluetooth
  • Before you select “start with Bluetooth”, switch spexor on and activate Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Please leave the app open during the update

Where can I see whether my spexor is connected to Wi-Fi or not?

We currently do not have the information about whether spexor has an active Wi-Fi or mobile network connection. We will check whether we can make this information visible to you in one of the next app updates.

Whenever spexor does not have an active Wi-Fi connection, it automatically uses the integrated mobile phone.

Where can I see if my spexor has an active mobile network connection?

We currently do not have the information about whether spexor has an active Wi-Fi or mobile network connection. We will check whether we can make this information visible to you in one of the next app updates.

You can restart spexor at any time or set up spexor at a different location: close to a window, in another room or try it outdoors.

In general, spexor uses provider roaming. That means we access all major mobile networks: Vodafone, Telekom, and Telefonica (O₂).

Important: The display on your smartphone does not always guarantee the availability of the network spexor uses, as we use 2G or GSM, unlike your smartphone.

Why does spexor not find my Wi-Fi?

Sometimes older devices have difficulties in finding networks, especially with “invisible” networks. This problem is particularly noticeable in company networks, as these networks – not easily recognizable – are often additionally secured. In the case of guest networks, a query or request to agree to the terms of use of these networks may appear (check the box, press the button, etc.). Such networks are not suitable for spexor.

If you are currently in the setup process, continue with mobile network and add your Wi-Fi after the device update.

What else you can do:

  • Open and close your Wi-Fi settings several times to trigger a new network scan
  • Check if the 2.4 GHz network (not 5 GHz) is switched on at the router
  • Try another network: This can also be a hotspot over another smartphone
  • Restart the device right before you start the setup process

What do the lights and the flashing mean?


Continuous light-up: Smartphone and app are connected to spexor via Bluetooth®.


Short continuous light-up: Switch on at the ON/OFF switch.

Short flashes: spexor is still switched on if it is touched or moved while monitoring is deactivated.

Short flashes every 30 seconds: spexor is active when monitoring is activated.

Three flashes sequentially emitted all around the LED array bar: Power supply unit has been detected and charging begins.


Six flashes sequentially emitted all around the LED array bar: spexor boots up after switching on.

Pulse for 60 seconds: Indicates sensor calibration after monitoring is activated as well as the remaining time to leave the monitored room.


Flashing: The alarm is triggered.

Short continuous light-up: Switch off at the ON/OFF switch.

Why is Bluetooth not working?

Deactivate Bluetooth on your smartphone and then reactivate it.

However, the stability of Bluetooth varies depending on the smartphone provider. It is possible that Bluetooth may work more reliably on Apple and Samsung devices.

If you contact our support on this topic, please include your smartphone model, the version of your operating system and the version (under "Device Settings": "Updates") of your spexor.

Can I change the alarm tone of the push notifications or adjust settings?

We have implemented custom tones for many messages in the app. The volume can be adjusted via the system volume of your smartphone.

The length of the push notification alarm tone cannot yet be customized. We are checking if we can provide you with this option in an upcoming update.

Can I change the alarm sound from the alarm device?

No, the alarm tone is predefined by the hardware.

Why does spexor seem to sound the alarm only after a delay? Why do I receive the push notification with delay?

With Android smartphones, especially Huawei and Honor, in case of a break-in, you may receive the push notification with delay. This is due to the devices' power saving mode, which can block these notifications. Please adjust the power saving mode in the settings of your smartphone. You can find out how this works in the user manual from your manufacturer.

spexor only emits an acoustic and optical signal once the alarm message has been sent. To do this, a connection must first be established via WiFi or mobile network, which can take a while depending on the connection strength and network coverage. spexor detects faster than it can transmit.

How quickly the connection is established also depends on the 2G network coverage at the respective location. If spexor is unable to find a 2G mobile network connection, it automatically sounds an acoustic alarm and continues to attempt to establish a mobile phone connection in parallel.

Please Note: The 2G network coverage is not the network coverage that is usually displayed on the smartphone (LTE, 3G, 4G...)

How can I activate spexor monitoring with the PIN?

Turn spexor 180° upside down, enter your PIN and shortly afterwards the monitoring is activated.

Important: please activate the monitoring at least once via the app before you try to enter your PIN.

It is also important that either Wi-Fi or mobile network is available when activating the monitoring, otherwise spexor cannot send an alarm.

How does spexor use GPS? Why do I have to enter my location?

Your location affects the sensitivity of the sensors as well as the transmission of GPS data: If you select a fixed location, such as your home or garden shed, spexor will use the entered address, as buildings often have a poor GPS signal.

When you choose a mobile location like your car, spexor uses GPS data without a stored address. Therefore, it is important to define the correct location whenever you are on the road.

Please define the location before activating the monitoring or add a new location if necessary. Just click on your current location in your app, select the appropriate environment or add a new one using the “Edit” function (top right).

What is the difference between the app version and the device version?

For spexor two software programs are relevant for you:

The app software: You can find the latest version in your spexor app under the menu item “Account" and also in the app stores. This is where you can also check if the app needs to be updated.

The device software (firmware): You can find the latest version of the firmware in your spexor app under “Device Settings” “Device Update”. This is where you can also see if your spexor already has the latest firmware or if an update is available.

Does the spexor app also work with an Apple Watch?

We do not currently offer a dedicated app for the Apple Watch, but you will receive notifications on your Apple Watch when it is connected to spexor. Please note that Apple currently does not allow you to use custom notification tones via the Apple Watch. Therefore, all notifications from spexor have the same default tone. If you set the Apple Watch to silent, it will vibrate when you receive notifications.

The iPhone does not play any tones when using an Apple Watch. Once you wear and unlock your Apple Watch, all notifications will be displayed here. Within your watch’s settings, you can specify whether it should respond with a sound or vibration when you receive a message from spexor. Your iPhone will not respond with sound or vibration in this case, nor will the display light up. This is a standard behavior provided by Apple.

However, you have the option to disable the display of notifications on your Apple Watch. In this case, your smartphone will play the sound predefined by spexor when you receive a notification or vibrate if you have set it to silent. You can find these settings in the app of your Apple Watch under “Messages” – “spexor”. If you have multiple Apple Watches, please do this for each watch.

Air Quality

What does spexor measure?

spexor measures air quality based on VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the air. Conversion into a CO₂ equivalent is also possible. The air quality is classified poor as of a concentration of 1000 ppm CO₂ in the air. When measuring VOC, the comparative value is 100.

VOCs are volatile organic components in the air and are generally described as pollution (e.g. many combustion products). The measurement of VOCs is, therefore more comprehensive than, for example, simply measuring CO₂.

How often does spexor measure air quality?

spexor measures the air quality every 30 seconds and transmits the data to the app every 5 minutes in deactivated power-saving mode and every 15 minutes in activated power-saving mode. The LED display is slightly faster than the display of the values in the app because the communication via the servers takes some time.

I have installed the air quality measurement in my spexor app, why don’t I see any readings?

It can take up to 12 hours until the first value is displayed in the app (self-calibration of the sensor), after that, the sensor will adapt to the respective environment within a few days. Therefore, we ask for a little patience for the first accurate readings. It is also important that the latest device software and app version are installed. If possible, we recommend leaving spexor in the same room so that the sensors can precisely adjust to the environment.

Will my air quality data be stored?

Currently, the data is not stored. In the future, the air quality data will be stored in the backend so that the user can access it anywhere and at any time. With the help of the historical air quality data, patterns can be derived for the future to ensure a healthy indoor climate in advance.

What happens when the air quality exceeds or falls below the optimum range?

The air quality assessment is divided into different levels and is visible in the spexor app. Each level has an explanation and a recommended action. Spexor also gives a light signal if the air quality in a room is outside the optimal range. This setting can be individually activated and deactivated in the app.

Why measure air quality?

Air quality both has an impact on people, and on their living space. Good air quality improves our well-being and performance. Furthermore, good air helps to ensure the structural longevity of living space. Poor indoor air quality can cause severe problems, especially over time. The “sick building syndrome” (SBS) describes situations in which occupants experience acute health complaints and discomfort that appear to be related to time spent indoors - though no specific illnesses or causes can be identified. The ailments may occur in certain rooms/areas or throughout the building. Some causes of SBS may include inadequate ventilation or chemical vapors from interior furnishings. It can lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, loss of concentration, eye irritation, or dry skin.

How to ventilate properly?

Proper ventilation is important because there are many possibilities and thus many sources of error. The goal is the most complete as possible exchange of bad air with fresh, outside air. The most sensible way to do this is to create a draught by opening two opposite windows wide. If this is not possible, it is recommended to widely open as many windows as possible.

Especially in the winter, in order not to freeze, windows are opened just a little bit, but for a longer period. However, this results in poor air exchange. Often, only the warm air from the heating system is exchanged, while the air containing aerosols remains in the room. The air in the room gets colder, but proper ventilation works differently. Therefore, especially in corona times, it is important to ventilate for 3-5 minutes instead of leaving the windows slightly open.

What are VOCs?

The abbreviation VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds”. VOCs describe gaseous and vaporous substances of organic origin in the air. These include, for example, hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes and organic acids. Many solvents, liquid fuels and synthetically produced substances can occur as VOCs, but also numerous organic compounds formed in biological processes. Hundreds of different individual compounds can occur together in the air.

To what extent is CO₂ content taken into account?

The fundamental difference between VOC and CO₂ is that CO₂ measurements only detect gas in the human exhaled air, while VOC sensors detect impurities in the room air caused by chemical substances. In other words, VOCs are a real all-rounder. Since these are organic compounds, they can appear in all areas of life and in most cases, are harmless to living creatures. However, increased concentration indoors can considerably restrict well-being.

How do VOCs get into the air?

When solvents or liquid fuels evaporate and liquid or paste products dry, VOCs escape into the ambient air in large quantities. Less obvious is the dispersion of various accompanying substances that are not firmly incorporated into products. They can be slowly released from the product surface to the air and steadily replenished from inside the product to the surface (material emission). This applies, for example, to residual solvents and building blocks in plastics (monomers), auxiliary substances such as plasticizers, solubilizers, antioxidants, stabilizers and catalysts from the production process, and accompanying substances such as fragrances, flame-retardants, and biocidal agents. Typical VOCs are also terpenes; they release into the air from materials and products of natural origin, for example, wood. VOCs also form as reactants, for example, between oxygen, ozone, or water with ingredients of natural origin, such as those contained in wood and vegetable oils.

More information from the Federal Environment Agency

Recommendations for rooms - air quality

The sensor from spexor gives a value for the pollution of the air, which can be converted into a CO₂ equivalent. The CO₂ value of fresh outdoor air is about 400 ppm CO₂. Inside the room, the value should be kept below 1000 ppm. The reference value inside when measuring VOCs is 100. (Original work as early as 1858 by Pettenkofer, current Federal Environment Agency) The measurement tolerance of the sensor in different spexor alarm units is +/- 15%. spexor, therefore, serves as an orientation for the living climate. Greater measurement accuracy may require additional measuring equipment.


What battery life can I expect?

The power-saving mode is activated:

This is the default setting. The battery lasts - depending on use - up to 2-3 weeks. However, activating monitoring can then take up to 15 minutes. This is because spexor saves power when it only communicates with the server in the background (backend) every 15 min.

The power-saving mode is deactivated:

If you flip the switch, the power saving mode is deactivated. spexor then reacts just as fast as when it is connected to the mains, and activating monitoring or even installing updates is faster on average. But beware: This also means that the battery will only last a few days and spexor will need to be charged more often. If you use spexor with deactivated power-saving mode we recommend to connect your alarm device to the power permanently. We are already working on optimizing the power management in spexor, which should be implemented by April at the latest.

What factors influence spexor's battery consumption?

The decisive factor is whether you use the power-saving mode.

Furthermore, the air quality measurement and the associated display setting of the LEDs play a big role:

With the release of the air quality, the accuracy of the measurements has been increased, which is why the battery consumption has also increased minimally. Turning on the LEDs for the display of air quality has a noticeable effect on battery life. To extend the battery life we recommend to turn off the led display or to make certain settings in your app.

The number of alarms or the reception quality of the cellular connection, WLAN and GPS have an additional influence.

Can I use a power bank to extend spexors battery life?

spexor is compatible with external power banks. This allows you to extend the battery life of spexor easily. Important: In order for spexor to recognize the power bank and not to confuse it with a power supply, you have to choose the power saving mode option "always active" in your settings.

Does the ambient temperature affect the battery life?

We recommend not charging the battery below 32 °F. However, significant temperature influences can only be measured far below 32 °F.

What are the recommendations for the longest possible battery life?

You can achieve a long battery life by activating the power-saving mode, deactivating the LED display of the air quality and ensuring, that spexor has a very good Wi-Fi signal. It is even better to place spexor near your W-iFi – router - this way, less energy is needed to bridge the radio link. You can also connect an external power bank if the power-saving mode option "Always active" is selected.

Temperature and humidity

Does spexor also notify me when it's hot or freezing?

spexor notifies you with a push notification when the room temperature exceeds or falls below a certain value. You can set this value yourself with the spexor app: The temperature limits range from -10 degrees to + 60 degrees. This function can be helpful, for example, to save the plants from freezing in the garden shed at sub-zero temperatures or to provide additional protection for the camper during wintering.

Attention: The values for temperature and humidity are temporarily unavailable when spexor is charging. As soon as the battery is fully charged (and if spexor is permanently connected to power) or is not currently charging, the temperature and humidity will be visible again. This also affects the alert in case of frost or heat. The reason is, that heat is generated when charging the battery, which can affect the values of the sensor.

Why are no values for temperature or humidity available?

The values for temperature and humidity are temporarily unavailable when spexor is charging. The reason for this is that heat is generated when the battery of the accumulator is charged, which can influence the values of the sensor. As soon as the battery is fully charged or is not currently being charged, the values are visible again.

Please be patient, as spexor first cools down after the charging process. This can lead to the fact that the values are not immediately visible after unplugging, since the heating is also not gone abruptly.

Possible usage applications

What are the minimum requirements for my smartphone?

It doesn’t matter how your smartphone is equipped or what kind of cell phone contract you have. spexor has its own mobile phone module that includes an eSIM card and can therefore be used wherever mobile phone reception is possible. That’s what makes it so flexible in use.

Can I set up several devices in one residence?

Yes, each alarm device can monitor a specific room or area (e.g. staircase and entrance hallway). The range of the sensors covers a radius of 5 meters around the device – as long as no obstacles such as walls, high furniture, etc. interfere with the sensors.

Can I use spexor if I have a pet?

Pets such as cats or dogs can trigger the alarm. Of course, it is not a problem if you can position spexor such a way that it does not detect your pet (e.g. in a closed room). We have already put pet recognition on our roadmap for upcoming product generations.

Where can I use spexor?

You can use spexor almost wherever you need it! For example, in a vehicle, at home, in the garden shed, garage or the mobile home. Of course, spexor can also safeguard what is important to you in many other places. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your hotel room or the vacation residence when you are traveling or the workshop or the bicycle shed – creativity knows no bounds here! The only criteria are that WiFi or mobile phone reception is available and that the monitored area is an indoor space.

Can I use spexor in addition to other alarm systems?

Yes, that will work. Bear in mind that spexor is always operated independently of any other alarm system installed, but it can always offer supplemental protection for your desired location.

Please note: under no circumstances is spexor a replacement for a specialized, comprehensive, or permanently installed alarm system.

Is spexor a certified alarm system?

Please note that spexor, consisting of the app and the device is only intended for use in your everyday environment and is under no circumstances suitable for use in particularly critical areas. The devices, data backend and app have not been certified as in compliance with industry regulations or standards, in particular not in accordance with standard EN 50131.

Can spexor also be used in convertibles, tents, boats or with two-wheelers?

spexor can only be used in enclosed spaces so that the sensors for noise, pressure and movement can react reliably to changes within the environment.

In principle, the device could also be used in enclosed spaces on boats, but it is not seawater-proof. A maritime version is already being considered.

About spexor

How are spexor and Bosch related?

spexor is a corporate start-up at grow platform GmbH which is a Bosch-internal platform for corporate start-ups and is 100% owned by Bosch. New business areas that promote innovative ideas are developed here.

What is the Bosch ID?

The Bosch-ID is an authentication system of the Robert Bosch GmbH, which is used in many Bosch products or Bosch internet pages. In simple words: It is only used for login.

Your username and password are managed securely. Many Bosch products and services already use the central Bosch ID and from now on you have the possibility to access them with only one login.

In which countries is spexor available?

spexor is currently sold in Germany and Austria, but the product can also be used in the EU, e.g., when traveling. Sales in other countries will begin shortly. Please check our website for updates.

Smart Home

Is spexor compatible with Bosch Smart Home or systems like Alexa?

spexor already has Zigbee and our device should be compatible with other smart home systems like Bosch Smart Home, Home Connect Plus, Alexa or Google by the end of 2021.

Physical components

Is spexor available in different colors?

spexor is currently available in white and black. This way you can choose exactly the alarm device that best suits your usage purpose and environment. More colours will probably follow.

How big is spexor?

spexor is 11,4 centimeters (4.4 inches) high and has a diameter of 7 centimeters (2.75 inches) at its widest cross-section.

How much does spexor weigh?

spexor weighs just 337 grams (11.8 ounces).

Is there a protective cover for spexor? Is it included or available separately?

At the moment we do not have protective covers in our portfolio, but we are already working on them.

Is a mechanical mount for home use (e.g., wall/ceiling mounting) or in vehicles available?

We don’t have a mechanical mount yet. However, it is being considered that future alarm devices can also be firmly mounted (from 2022).

Why does spexor use Micro-USB instead of USB-C?

A Micro-USB is more gentler on the battery and thus enables a longer operating time, whereas a USB-C also consumes power by itself.

Technology – there’s more to it than you think

What do I have to pay attention to when the servers are being maintained?

Maintenance work is necessary at regular intervals to keep the system stable and up-to-date for you. During maintenance, there may be short downtimes of a few minutes. During this time you will not be able to use spexor or the app. Once the update is finished, you do not need to do anything else - spexor does not need to be restarted or activated, but will continue to work as normal.

Are additional functions planned?

spexor can already detect burglaries and measure the air quality. We are working for you on the detection of further hazards such as the detection of dangerous gases which will be available with upcoming extensions. On our list of dangerous gases we keep gases that may occur during fire (e.g carbon monoxide) or gases that are relevant in a camping environment. These functions can then be easily added as in-app purchases.

GPS tracking is also on our roadmap.

Does spexor deactivate itself automatically when I come home?

No. To deactivate the alarm device, you need your smartphone or the 4-digit PIN that you have set in advance.

How can one deactivate spexor without a smartphone?

This is possible with a 4-digit PIN which is entered on the keypad on the bottom of the alarm device. You can define the PIN in the app as you like.

What does the future of GSM look like?

GSM will be available in Germany for the next 5 years. It currently offers the best area-wide network availability. The same applies to other EU countries.

Is the alarm from spexor loud and visible in any case? Can I turn the alarm sound louder?

You can decide how spexor should react in case of an alarm. The alarm device itself can give an acoustic sound to show potential burglars directly that you have caught their attention. Or it remains silent and informs you discreetly. Even after the alarm, you decide how to proceed. You can check the situation yourself or, for example, ask neighbors and friends for help and, in an emergency, inform the police. We are working on the option of being able to switch off the optical signal as well.

The volume of the alarm is based on the relevant standards such as EN ISO 7731:2008. The perceived volume of the alarm tone also depends on the sound pressure and frequency of the tone. However, it should be noted that the alarm tone is deliberately not chosen that loud, so the entire neighborhood is in turmoil, but "only" signals to the burglar: "You have been caught".

With the software version 1.0.56 we integrated a more deterrent alarm sound.

Where are my personal data stored?

The data is stored and processed in Bosch’s own server landscape (back-end). There is no need for you to worry about data protection. Bosch will keep your data safe.

Is it possible to replace the battery in spexor?

The battery is not intended to be replaced. The battery quality is designed to support a sufficient charging capacity.

Why do I receive alarm messages when there is strong sunlight in my parked vehicle?

Sudden temperature differences in the air can trigger an alarm. This is a fundamental, technically caused problem of all infrared sensors, which by definition react to heat. To avoid such situations we plan to adjust the evaluation of sensor data in spexor and are already working on this. Later, an update of the device can adopt the new sensor settings, without the need for a new device.