We have summarized the most frequently asked questions below. If you can't find a suitable answer to your question, feel free to send us an e-mail: support-spexor@bosch.com

All questions about Spexor!

When is the spexor market launch expected?

Based on current planning, the product will be available on the German market at the end of Q2.

Can several devices be used in one residence?

Yes. Each alarm can monitor a specific area of the space (e.g., the stairway or entrance area). The sensor range covers an area of about 25 square meters as long as there are no obstacles, such as walls, large furniture, and so on, which limit the sensors’ scope.

In which countries will spexor be available?

spexor will be sold in Germany first, but the product can also be used in the EU e.g., when traveling. Sales will begin in other countries at a later date. Check our website for updates.

Can I use spexor if I have a pet?

Currently, pets such as cats or dogs can trigger the alarm. Unfortunately, pet recognition is not integrated into the current product. Of course it is not a problem if you can position spexor such that it does not detect your pet (e.g., in a closed room). If you have fish, spexor also works well as long as the fish are in an aquarium.

Can I use spexor in addition to other alarm systems?

Yes, that will work. spexor can be used anywhere, but it is not suitable as a replacement for a specialized, comprehensive, or permanently installed alarm system.

Are other functions planned?

spexor is already equipped with sensors that observe the indoor climate, which will be activated in the coming updates. In the future we are also planning to continue to develop spexor’s ability to recognize fire and hazardous gases.

Does spexor deactivate automatically when a person comes home?

Automatic deactivation, e.g. via, Bluetooth, is not yet functional in the current product. A smartphone is still required for this purpose.

How can spexor be disarmed without an app?

You can enter a 4-digit numeric code on a keypad on the back of the device to disarm it. You can specify your own numeric code when you start up spexor for the first time.