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Air quality measurement:
good air for a healthy life.

Bosch spexor

Good indoor air is essential for a healthy life. High air quality is required for your well-being as well as your physical and mental performance. It also minimizes the risk of infection from virus-laden aerosols, as well as health impairments caused by pollutants.

A sensor for everything you can’t see or smell.

Bosch spexor

spexor’s air quality sensor, which has been designed to detect all kinds of pollutants, analyses the composition of the air every 30 seconds with detective-level precision. It picks up on even the finest impurities which the human organism can’t detect but which can affect health, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These include gases produced by breathing, as well as those emitted from furniture, floors, wall or ceiling materials, cleaning products, paints and varnishes. spexor shows you the exact concentration of these particles in the air in parts per million (ppm). This helps you to monitor changes in air quality throughout the course of the day and ensure you have enough fresh air.

This pinpoint precision gives spexor the ability to provide a comprehensive air quality reading which goes far beyond the possibilities of devices that can only measure CO2. spexor has been designed to measure VOCs in line with German Federal Environmental Agency and World Health Organization recommendations. Both institutions have been advising for some years that indoor air quality should not be measured purely on the basis of CO2 concentration.

It goes without saying that spexor can also provide an accurate reading of humidity levels, which have a significant impact on air quality.

Your cue to air your space.

The only way to minimize the risk of infection from virus-laden aerosols in closed spaces is to make sure that enough fresh air is able to circulate. While viruses are dispersed by the wind or killed by UV radiation outside, the viral load indoors increases without regular airing.

But optimum air conditions can’t be achieved by simply keeping a window cracked open or by shock ventilating the room for too short or long a time. spexor lets you know exactly when it’s time to air your space. As soon as its sensors register critical values, you’ll be alerted by an LED light signal and a notification in the app. Once the air quality reaches an optimum value, the LED light ring turns green, meaning you can breathe easy again. The app also gives you recommendations on how to keep indoor air healthy.

Bosch spexor

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Made in Germany. spexor is developed and produced in Germany to ensure sustainable production methods and guarantee the high-quality standards you expect from Bosch.