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spexor: not just allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief.

bosch spexor
Bosch Spexor

Air pollution caused by fine dust, nitrogen oxides, ozone and other pollutants not only affects our feeling of well-being, it is also a very real risk to health. However, these pollutants are neither visible in the air, nor is their concentration confined to certain localities. Meteorological fluctuations can also affect the air on our doorstep, for example, by exhaust gases emitted by long-distance traffic hundreds of kilometers away.

To help you keep an eye on the risk from outdoor air pollution, the app shows you the current pollution levels in your region. spexor even informs you whether it is better to ventilate now or leave the windows closed. To do this, it compares the outdoor air quality values with the measured indoor air values.

Display of the pollen load.

bosch spexor

Similar to air pollution, pollen affects the human organism to different degrees. People with allergies react not only to different types of pollen, but also to the pollen grains themselves. These can vary geographically and seasonally and contain more or less allergenic components that irritate the respiratory tract and immune system.

The spexor app shows you the pollen load based on the local pollen count. This way you can keep track of your current airborne pollen load in the area and act accordingly.

You can test both functions for 14 days free of charge and without obligation. After that, you have the option to add the pollen load display for only 0.99 €/year and the outdoor air quality display for just 14.99 €/year.

Available in Germany, Austria and France.

Other useful spexor functions