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One app.
Everything simply under control.


With the free smartphone app, you always stay connected with spexor. The spexor app is the command center for your security & safety assistant and it provides access to new features and updates.

Every update an upgrade.


With regular software updates, spexor and the smartphone app always remain up to date and you receive product improvements and new functions. Via in-app purchase, you can individually add exactly those additional functions that make your everyday life even safer.

Your remote control.


With the app, you can conveniently control your spexor from anywhere – no matter where you have set it up. All you need is cellular phone or WLAN reception.


Easy to use – with an app.



You can use the app to display the battery charge status as well as configure and customize spexor according to your needs. For example, you can specify whether spexor should emit an alarm sound and flash in the event of an alarm or silently send the alarm message to you discreetly.


You can easily activate and deactivate intrusion detection on the device itself. And you can also do this remotely via the app. In addition, you can control other functions via your smartphone so you can keep a constant eye on temperature and air quality via the app, for example.

Alarm functions

If spexor registers deviations in the monitored environment, it triggers an alarm. Regardless of whether you have set an acoustic or visual alarm, you will receive an alarm message on your smartphone in the app and, if you wish, via push message. You can now either dial the emergency call center or deactivate the alarm directly from the app.

Setting up spexor: Nothing could be easier.

Download the app, open it and set up a user account.

Connect spexor to the mains power supply and charge it.

Add your spexor via QR code in the app.

Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth® for setup.

Set up WLAN and define your personal PIN.

That’s it! spexor is ready for use.

Look at the installation video here.


Download the free spexor app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

System requirements:
Smartphones with Android 8.0 or higher and iOS 12.0 or higher.

Small, yet mighty – it’s packed with good features.

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Unique in all the world:
spexor and its technology.


Small, but wow! spexor houses the most advanced sensor technology to give you a unique feeling of security.