A break-in provides incentive:

Why does spexor exist?

We all have something that is dear to us – our family, the dog, but also our homes, cars, and garden plots. Simply anything that is valuable to us. In our everyday lives we worry and would like to protect that which is important to us more effectively. Because we can only feel free if we also feel safe and secure. spexor provides you with just this feeling. It stands watch over everything that is important to you. It never sleeps, is always ready for use, and can be taken anywhere you need it. This way, you can protect everything that is dear to you – around the clock, as easy as child’s play. spexor is ready for use within just a few minutes and the battery life of up to two months ensures that it can monitor your things around the clock.

When you switch spexor on, you can relax.

When I got into my car one morning, I found a yellow wire cutter on the passenger seat. Strange, I thought, I don’t have a yellow wire cutter. What was missing, though, was my navigation device, my steering wheel, and my rear side window.

Tobias, Gründer