spexor the mobile burglary detection for several places

Places where spexor can be used

Your alarm device is mobile and always ready for use

The mobile solution for smart security

Whether at home, while traveling, in the summer house, garden shed or garage or in the car: Thanks to the integrated eSIM card, you can use this handy alarm device anywhere you have mobile phone reception or WLAN. With its powerful battery, spexor can monitor its surroundings for several weeks without cable connections or external power supply.

Where spexor the mobile alarm device can be used

girl in a van smiling

Enjoy your freedom

No matter where you are – activate spexor and just feel safe. Regardless of whether on business trips, on vacation, in a caravan or rental car, spexor can be used exactly where you need it.To ensure that your private life remains private, we quite intentionally did not include a camera. We likewise did not enable analysis or even storage of voice data.

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Security wherever you want

Of course, you can also deploy multiple alarm devices, for example, to monitor several cars, your home or garden – all at the same time. You can control all your devices centrally via the app.