spexor the mobile alarm device by bosch for your car

Protect your car

spexor – for car intrusion detection

spexor the mobile alarm device by bosch for your car

Car security device

The theft of objects from a car or the entire vehicle itself can happen almost anywhere. Therefore, we often ask ourselves the question: is my car really safely parked? With spexor, there is now a way to be informed immediately in the event of a car break-in. Without cables and powered by a high-performance battery, spexor can monitor your car for several weeks before its battery needs to be recharged. If the sensors detect an attempted break-in, either a silent security alarm is triggered or a loud acoustical signal is emitted that can deter intruders. You will also receive a message on your smartphone so you know the status immediately and can act accordingly.

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Secure in hibernation

Protect your old- or youngtimer with spexor from theft during the winter break

With the autumn comes the occasional farewell to old- or youngtimers and the vehicles are parked for the winter. Unfortunately, burglaries and theft are not uncommon. Equipped with high-quality sensors, spexor secures your automotive treasures during hibernation. Without cables and with a powerful battery, spexor monitors for up to 2-3 weeks in battery saving mode.

Small security device – big effect


Intelligent anti-theft detection with alarm messaging to your smartphone so you know what’s going on and can react quickly.


High-quality sensors, “Made in Germany”, reliably monitor the surrounding environment.


Small, handy and equipped with its own eSIM card and powerful battery, spexor can be easily packed in your luggage and used at different locations in all EU countries. With the additional functions for detecting fire gases or changes in air quality, spexor is ideally equipped for other applications as well.

Where you can place spexor in your car

You can use the security alarm device flexibly in your car. The only important things are that nothing covers the sensors and that WLAN or mobile phone reception is available. The graphic below shows you where you can place the device so that it monitors your vehicle in the best possible way.

Here you can place spexor in your car:

  • On the center armrest
  • On the dashboard
  • In the cup holder – as long as the sensors still have 360 degrees of free surrounding area
  • In the middle of the seat (not touching backrest)

You shouldn’t place spexor here:

  • In the glove compartment
  • In the footwell
  • In the trunk (unless you specifically want to monitor this one area only)
  • Leaning against any portion of the seat upholstery
 Where to place spexor in your car

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