spexor the mobile alarm device for the garden shed or garage

Garden Shed & Garage Security

Keep your belongings safe & secure

spexor protects your garden shed or garage

Intelligent burglary detection

We often store expensive equipment in the garage, summer house or garden shed without being able to safeguard these items in any particularly secure manner. An expensive, permanently installed security system is usually not worthwhile, especially since there is often no WiFi available. spexor can close this hole in the security net. The safety alarm device detects attempted break-ins and alerts you via mobile phone. Very simply and without great installation effort, spexor is active and ready to safeguard your lawn mower or summer tires in just a few steps.

winter shed

Secure in hibernation

Protect your garden shed from theft in winter with spexor

The time we spend in the garden becomes less and less during the dark season. Especially in less frequented places like the garden house, the bicycle shed or the garage the danger of theft increases. There are only a few flexible solutions for such applications. With spexor, you can ensure that these places are also secured quickly and reliably.

Where you can place spexor in your garden shed or garage

You can place the alarm device almost anywhere. The only important things are that nothing covers the sensors and that WLAN or mobile phone reception is available. The graphic below shows you where you can place the device so that it monitors your summer house, garden shed or garage in the best possible way.

You can place spexor in your garage, summer house, or garden shed here:

  • On the floor near a door or window
  • On the windowsill
  • On a sideboard
  • On a table
  • On a workbench in the middle of the room space

You shouldn’t place spexor here:

  • On a shelf surrounded on three sides by walls
  • In a cabinet
  • Behind tools
  • Behind or under a vehicle parked therein
  • Concealed by large electrical appliances
  • Near heating units
 Where to place spexor in your garage or garden shed

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