spexor the mobile alarm device for your home

Security for house and apartment

spexor the mobile alarm device by bosch for your home

Safe and secure

Our own four walls are particularly important to us because almost nothing is familiar to us. If intruders invade our home, they violate our privacy at the same time. Insurance companies may cover the damage to property, but our privacy still remains invaded. For this reason, it’s all the more important that our homes are protected so that we can enjoy the best possible feeling of security.This is exactly what spexor was developed forVery simply and without much installation effort, spexor is ready to protect your home in just a few steps.

The alarm device will be available starting summer 2020. Klick on the button below to stay informed.

spexor the mobile alarm device by bosch for your home

Improve your air quality

Your home is the place where you feel particularly comfortable. You spend about 80% of your life at home and a third of that in your bedroom. During your everyday life, you make sure that you eat a healthy diet, drink enough water, exercise and keep fit. However, it is usually forgotten that the air that surrounds you all day long also plays a major role. Because fresh air helps you to mentally concentrate and increases both your comfort as well as feeling of well-being. In fact, you breathe in and out about 11,000 liters of air a day.

spexor helps you to actively improve your awareness of air quality so that you can breathe deeply in a healthy environment.

Small device – big effect

The mobile alarm device, which is only 11.5 cm (4.7 inches) small, scans the surrounding environment with its high-quality sensors. spexor detects an intrusion by evaluating a combination of air-pressure, noise and motion sensors. It also measures air quality and detects fire-related gases. If the sensors detect an irregularity in the monitored environment, spexor sends a message to your smartphone. The alarm device also works without cables and its battery lasts for several weeks on a single charge. These features allow you to use spexor flexibly in countless surveillance situations.

Child’s play

Set it up, put it where you want and operating it – everything is very simple. All you need is your smartphone to connect spexor to the corresponding app.


Thanks to the integrated eSIM card, spexor automatically transmits via the best available connection option. It has a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts several weeks on a single charge and incorporates the latest sensor technology from Bosch – this is how spexor reliably alerts you.


spexor also protects your privacy. It does not have a camera and does not analyze or store voice data. If you turn off the surveillance, it is really off.

Where you can place spexor in your home

You can place the alarm device almost anywhere. The only important things are that nothing covers the sensors and that WiFi or mobile phone reception is available. Possible interference factors can be, for example: plants, heat lamps, aquariums, books, closet doors, coat racks. The graphic below shows you where you can place the device so that it monitors your home in the best possible way.

You can place spexor in your home at these spots within your residence:

  • On the floor near a door or window
  • On the windowsill
  • On a sideboard
  • On the dining table or coffee table
  • On the stairs

You shouldn’t put spexor here:

  • On a shelf surrounded on three sides by walls
  • In front of, behind, or next to a plant
  • In front of, behind, or next to an aquarium
  • In a cabinet
  • On a radiator or heater
  • On an oven
Where to place spexor at home

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