spexor the mobile alarm device for your home

Security device for the home & apartment

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spexor the mobile alarm device by bosch for your home

Home burglary detection

Our own four walls are particularly important to us and give us a feeling of security and safety. For this reason we want to protect our privacy from intruders.

spexor is a mobile alarm security device equipped with high-quality sensors that detect changes in the environment. In the event of a break-in, spexor reacts loudly and sends the alarm notification discreetly to your smartphone. This way you are always informed and able to react quickly, even when you’re not at home. spexor is ready to protect your home in just a few minutes, without much installation effort.

spexor the mobile alarm device by bosch for your home

Evaluation of air quality

Your home is the place where you feel especially comfortable and where you spend most of your life. During your everyday life, we make sure that we eat a healthy diet, drink enough water, exercise and keep fit. However, it is usually forgotten that the air that surrounds us all day long also plays a major role.

spexor not only detects burglaries, its high-quality sensors can also evaluate the air quality. By combining various values, spexor is able to individually specify the air quality index and measure the humidity and temperature in the room. These values are displayed in the app.

This feature will be released soon. In this way, spexor not only protects from intruders, but also helps to actively improve your awareness of air quality.

Where you can place spexor in your home

You can place the alarm device almost anywhere. The only important things are that nothing covers the sensors and that WLAN or mobile phone reception is available. Possible interference factors can be, for example: plants, heat lamps, aquariums, books, closet doors, coat racks. The graphic below shows you where you can place the device so that it monitors your home in the best possible way.

You can place spexor in your home at these spots within your residence:

  • On the floor near a door or window
  • On the windowsill
  • On a sideboard
  • On the dining table or coffee table
  • On the stairs

You shouldn’t put spexor here:

  • On a shelf surrounded on three sides by walls
  • In front of, behind, or next to a plant
  • In front of, behind, or next to an aquarium
  • In a cabinet
  • On a radiator or heater
  • On an oven
Where to place spexor at home

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