Your home

simply protected

A home sometimes feels like a kind of second skin because almost nothing is so familiar to us. Intruders don’t just invade our homes: they also violate our privacy. Insurance can take care of property damage, but our privacy remains disrupted. For this reason, it’s all the more important that our homes are protected so that we can enjoy a feeling of security.

That’s easy with spexor. And installation is simple, too. Just scan in the QR code included here and spexor will be immediately visible in your app. Now you just have to swipe to activate it. And with that, spexor is already watching over your home.

Position spexor in the entrance area, on a living room shelf, or even right on the floor near the door or a window. You just need to make sure that nothing is in the way that could cover up the sensors. spexor’s inconspicuous, modern design allows it to blend in well in your home and it is intentionally not recognizable as an alarm device.

spexor is visible, but discreet as it monitors your home.

Look how easy it is to start using spexor: