Your motor home

protected everywhere

spexor is as flexible as you are and goes along with you when you travel. If you park your motor home in an unfamiliar area or for a long period, you can be completely assured that spexor will be watching while you are away. Place spexor on the front seat, the dashboard, or right at the center of your motor home and it will immediately recognize any unauthorized access. Then it will inform you immediately on your smartphone so that you can have a look right away. Especially because you have a lot of things that are very important to you in your motor home, spexor increases your feeling of security. Even when you store your motor home for the winter it doesn’t have to go unprotected. Because thanks to the battery life of up to two months and the integrated SIM card, spexor is awake and ready to transmit. So your alarm device informs you directly if something is amiss in your motor home and you can react quickly. spexor stays on watch for you.