Why we do what we do. And why spexor exists.

Marko and Tobias, the founders and inventors of spexor, explain what’s behind spexor.

What is spexor?

Tobias: spexor is a mobile warning device that detects break-ins in various environments. Many people do not feel safe when they park their cars or leave their residences for a few days. Our mobile alarm device provides people with more security. spexor is currently available with the basic function “break-in detection.” Customers can book additional services, such as the Bosch Emergency Assistance or, in the future, fire and gas detection as an in-app purchase.

Marko: Right. spexor is an alarm device that you can use almost anywhere in order to provide more security based on your own needs. It makes danger visible and warns users at home or in their cars, mobile homes, or garden plots. I think that it is the most flexible alarm device in the world because customers can book even the additional services individually.

Who is behind spexor?

Marko: Tobias, a mechanical engineer, takes care of the technology, and Isabel is responsible for marketing and social media. And I focus on sales and partnerships. As a chemist, this wasn’t something I’ve understood since birth, but before my stint at Bosch I founded and managed two start-ups successfully.

Tobias: And we can’t forget the energetic assistance and, above all, the lively brain cells of our team. For example, Anna and Lisa provide support in project management and design. In addition, they take care of user testing. Here we’ll have to see how good we are with our product.

How were the idea and the concept for the start-up generated?

Tobias: The idea for a mobile alarm device occurred to me after my car was broken into despite having an alarm system. Then I told Marko about the idea.

Marko: Tobias came into the office and said that with the wonderful Bosch sensors we could actually build a device that could simply be put into a car to detect a break-in. We discussed the idea, did a great deal of research online, and spoke with what felt like hundreds of helpful people both at Bosch and externally. And after a few months we were sure that it could work.

What’s is like to have a start-up at Bosch?

Tobias: Like camping in your living room; we have all the freedom we need, but also the security of a corporation behind us. That makes many things easier and it’s great fun!

Marko: It’s true: it’s a little like indoor camping. An adventure, but not too risky. But even if it’s great fun because of the design opportunities and everything that we’ve been able to learn: it still requires a lot of work.

What motivates you?

Tobias: Making this idea a success. There aren’t many chances in life to bring your own idea to market. My goal is to create a successful product area within Bosch in five years – with spexor.

Marko: I think it’s fantastic to make something new and to tie up loose ends. Bringing people, themes, and ideas together motivates me. We are working hard and hope that the product is available across the EU in five years and that we have made the leap across the Atlantic by then.