spexor the mobile alarm device by bosch

How spexor works

Easy to install and intuitive to use

Easy installation – how it works

the spexor alarm device is easy to install and operate. Below you can find out how it works.

Quick installation

easy installation security device

spexor is ready for use in just a few steps. All you need is your smartphone with activated Bluetooth, the spexor app, the QR code and of course your alarm device including charging cable.

After installing the app, simply scan the enclosed QR code with your smartphone and spexor will be visible in your app. Now you can set your personal PIN. With this PIN you can activate and deactivate the monitoring via the keypad on the bottom of the security device. Please turn the security device upside down by about 180°. Afterwards, the PIN keypad is activated.

It is important that you have activated the monitoring at least once before you try to enter the PIN.

If a new update is available, it will be displayed within the device settings of your app. Please run the update before activating the monitoring. Our recommendation is to always run updates in network mode because it is faster this way.

You can now define further settings e.g. whether spexor should respond with an alert sound or a silent notification in case an alarm is triggered. You also have the possibility to choose your location and to add different services later.

Now you can choose where to place spexor and activate the monitoring.

Simply place the device where you want to monitor

Place the spexor security device where you need it

After you have installed spexor with the app, you can place it wherever you like. Place spexor in the entrance hallway, on the center armrest in your car, on a shelf in the shed or on the table in your camper. All you have to do is make sure that there is nothing in the way that could block the sensors. Such an obstacle could be a book, a cupboard door or even a large plant. Make sure that the environment around the sensors is as free as possible.

It is important that either Wi-Fi or mobile connection (GSM) is available at the location of your choice.

Please also define the correct location in your spexor app, as this influences the sensitivity of the sensors as well as the transmission of GPS data.

Thanks to its inconspicuous, modern design, spexor fits perfectly into any environment and is deliberately not immediately recognizable as a security alarm device.

Activating monitoring

Activate spexor with your PIN

The quickest way to activate on-site monitoring is to enter your PIN via the keypad. Turn spexor by approx. 180° and type in your individual PIN. This is useful if you are within reach of your alarm device.

Important: You have to activate spexor at least once via the app before the activation via PIN entry works. In addition, either Wi-Fi or mobile connection is required for spexor to respond.

If you forget to do so, you can of course activate spexor remotely via the app. spexor needs battery capacity each time it communicates with the server and we want to ensure the longest possible battery life. Therefore activating the monitoring in battery mode can take up to 15 minutes. Mains operation is faster, at 4-5 minutes. spexor is active as soon as you receive a push notification confirming the activation.

What happens in case of an alarm

spexors app

If several sensors detect deviations in the monitored environment, spexor switches to alarm mode and reacts – exactly as you have specified in advance in your settings – with a silent or audible signal accompanied by a visual signal.

If spexor is set to “loud”, an acoustic alarm sounds indicating that the burglar is no longer undetected. It should be noted, however, that the alarm tone is deliberately not set so loud that the surrounding neighborhood is in turmoil. In case of a silent alarm, spexor sends the alarm notification discretely to your smartphone and you can act quickly.

In either case, you will receive an alarm message on your smartphone and you decide what you want to do: If you are nearby and decide that the situation is harmless, you can deactivate the alarm. Or, in case of danger, for example, you can notify the police.

Please note: When the security alarm is active, spexor cannot be switched off with the on/off switch.

Deactivating monitoring

spexor deactivate monitoring

As soon as you have deactivated the security alarm or notified the emergency services, spexor will also deactivate the monitoring. If you want spexor to continue monitoring, you have to reactivate it by entering the PIN on the bottom of your device or via the app.

If you have spexor at hand, you can deactivate the alarm by entering the PIN on the bottom of the device without your smartphone.

Two short beeps confirm that the device PIN has been entered correctly, two short beeps indicate that the entry was wrong.

Running updates

spexor run update

It is important that spexor is always up to date in order to pay optimal attention. You need your smartphone and your alarm device to run an update.

Please note the difference between the app version and the device version:

The app version: the latest version can be found in your spexor app, in the menu item "Account", and the app stores. This will also show you whether you need to update the app.

The device version (firmware): the latest firmware version can be found in your spexor app, under “Device settings” – “Device update”. This also shows whether the latest spexor firmware is already installed, or whether an update is available.

You will need Wi-Fi for updates. We recommend that you always update your device connected in power mode, as this is the fastest way.

To do so, deactivate the monitoring and connect spexor to the power supply. Follow the instructions in the app. If you are updating in battery mode a delay of about 15 minutes should be expected. If you connect spexor to the power supply, the update will start more quickly.

If the Wi-Fi does not work or is not available, there is another option to run the update. In this case, please proceed as follows:

  • Switch off spexor at the on/off switch and leave it switched off for at least 1 hour
  • Open the app and start the update while spexor is switched off. A pop-up appears.
  • Now switch spexor back on before you select "Start with Bluetooth" in the pop-up. Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.
  • Watch this video to learn how to update your spexor via bluetooth.

Switching off spexor

Switching off spexor

Switch off spexor by pressing the on/off switch for 3-5 seconds (switch can be found next to the micro USB port). The switch-off is confirmed by three short, descending signal tones. After switching off, the LEDs light up red briefly.